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Todd Camp and Dave DeSantis have distilled over 30 years of hands-on coaching into this powerful course, offering an unparalleled roadmap to mastering negotiation. Our system zeroes in on what you can control to outperform your negotiation counterparts consistently.

Enrollment closes on Sept. 19 at 9pm ET. 


More About The Camp System Online Course

This ethical negotiation system is for business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals.

Our self-paced course teaches you the Camp System with videos, group coaching, guides, templates, checklists, and intensive case studies.

Coaches Todd Camp and Dave DeSantis walk you through each step in a negotiation and share content previously exclusive to personal coaching clients.

This is the only negotiation course that teaches business strategies from decades of real-world coaching.

Imagine if you could negotiate better than the pros you're up against.

Don't forget- enrollment is only open for a couple days. Sign up now and don't miss your chance to level up your negotiation skills.