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Gain the Confidence to Say What

You Never Thought You Could 


Influence Others' Behaviors by

Mastering Your Own Emotions


Stop Short-Changing Yourself and

Get More Of What You Want




When has the meet-in-the-middle strategy ever been fair to your side?

No matter how much you prepare... your best plans go downhill and you find yourself compromising to get what you want (again).  And you don't want to come off as a bully who uses aggressive tactics. Yet the pressure is on you to:

  • grow your revenue

  • land more clients

  • purchase effectively

  • exceed your sales goals

  • without resenting yourself or your colleagues 


How can you achieve your goals when you've been misled on mastering the art negotiation? 

Reject The Myths That You've

Been Brainwashed With  



MYTH #1 - “No” is a bad outcome.


Truth: NO is a perfectly acceptable outcome, and often it’s a favorable one. 


As  Jim Camp said, "When they don’t respect or exercise the right to say ‘no,’ they are not negotiating. They are engaging in manipulation, bullying, deception, or begging for a favor.”





MYTH #2 -Negotiation requires compromise.


Truth: Win-win is an emotional game that takes advantage of you.


While compromise occurs, you shouldn’t compromise just because you or your opponent expect it.
Instead, the CAMP system recommends that you first clearly hear the other side accept or reject. Don't compromise until someone says No.



MYTH #3 - Negotiation uses power and leverage


Truth: Negotiation should never be unethical or manipulative.


The CAMP System does not use power and leverage to trick or bully. But it challenges your mindset and habits.







So if you don't rely on compromise,

expect to hear the word NO,

and avoid power and leverage,

how do you negotiate?


 The Ultimate

“What To Say, When To Say It”

System for Negotiating


Founded by the esteemed Jim Camp, the CAMP System encapsulates decades of hands-on negotiation expertise tailored for CEOs, business owners, executives, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs. By adopting the Camp System, you will:


  • Master a repeatable, step-by-step method you'll use at each step in a negotiation to get more of what you want.  
  • Learn strategies (that even self-proclaimed negotiators fail to employ) from master negotiators Todd Camp and Dave DeSantis.
  • Build the ability to think and respond in the moment to give you a competitive edge.
  • Go at your own pace with nothing to hold you back - except yourself.
  • Identify and pursue opportunities you would have missed.

Join Our Clients That Negotiate On A Different Level

“The CAMP System is there to serve an end, and the ultimate end is more revenue and a higher close rate for larger deals.  It's being in the world of the other party to their benefit. Good things have the possibility of happening when you follow that approach."


John Paul, VP Sales

“The CAMP System is for serious professionals that are dedicated to their craft and specifically professionals that don't have a roadmap when they talk with people. You have to forget everything you've been taught about getting to "yes" and about the win-win."


Seth Wilson, Managing Director

“I would recommend this training for everyone because quite honestly, we're so stuck on doing things from the position of our own ego instead of being a good player. And the more good players we have that are focused on delivering value to one another and to achieving things, then I think the whole world will be better in that kind of situation.




Slava Isayev, CEO and Founder

“Through applying the CAMP System, I'm more confident in my ability to handle negotiations. This is not a fight or a battle with your respected opponent, it's about nurturing and connecting in order to get more information on the table so everybody can make more effective and efficient decisions. I think the confidence in the self-image and self-esteem that I've built from negotiating and the lack of neediness that these principles teach you rubs off on others you're negotiating with. So it not just benefits me, but also everyone else has a lot to gain whether you're negotiating with internal team members or clients and customers."


Patrick Fitzgerald, Sales Director

 Meet Your Coaches


Todd Camp

Since 2001, Todd has been providing negotiation training and coaching across the globe, utilizing the Camp System of Negotiation to guide startups and executive teams through transactions totaling over $9 billion. As co-owner of Camp Systems and a partner at the Pareto Group, his approach transforms diverse groups into unified teams of skilled negotiators, achieving durable agreements without unnecessary compromise, exemplified by his collaborations with notable figures like Christopher Voss and engagements like speaking at the Harvard Negotiation Leadership Conference.



Dave DeSantis

Dave is a business leader and master negotiator who combines an in-depth understanding of human behavior with 26+ years of experience leading sales and operations. Partnering with Camp Systems and leading OmniLevel Negotiations, he has mastered the art of guiding teams and clients through complex business negotiations by fostering an environment where decisions are made collaboratively with mutual respect.




What's Inside The Course



The CAMP System of Negotiation consists of our proprietary, proven system that will teach you how to build agreements by consistently making better decisions. 


The CAMP System of Negotiation starts with our definition of negotiation, which understands how people think and behave. It’s not about making concessions or having power.

It’s about principles and behaviors that keep you and your opponent safe and moving forward. In this module, you’ll understand the foundation of our method and why it gets results for all parties at the table.





You'll delve into the often overlooked ways that common beliefs and a win-win mindset can actually limit your negotiation potential. Discover how these well-intentioned approaches might prevent you from exploring all possible outcomes right from the start.

You will identify the unnecessary obstacles that could be holding you back and explore two pervasive fears that commonly interfere with successful negotiations. This knowledge will empower you to approach negotiations with greater confidence and strategic insight, aiming for the best possible outcomes.


Negotiations move forward decision by decision and that’s why the CAMP System is a decision-based model.

You’ll learn the steps in the Decision Path™, as well as actions and behaviors you can use along the path that lead you closer to your goals. Along this path, “No” is the one decision that everyone understands, and that's why “No” is the safest decision.

We’ll help you get over your fear of “No” and what to do when you hear it.


After you are 100% clear on what your opponent wants and you are capable and willing to help them get it, you're on your way to getting the most value for yourself in any negotiation.  We call this getting clear on the Negotiation Purpose.

Your opponent’s pain or opportunity is the driving force behind the decisions you and your respected opponent make in the negotiation. In this module, we will walk you through how to get to the heart of what the other party really wants. Then, you can create an offer that delivers on their desire, crushes any irrelevant objections and gets you more of what you deserve.



So you can effectively manage the negotiation process from start to finish, you'll learn how to use the tools of the CAMP System.  These tools help you understand what to say and how to say it before entering a negotiation event. 

Committing to the System will make you feel confident and in control of emotional and unpredictable environments.

We’ll break down three important tools of our system, which you'll use throughout your negotiation process, and they will guide every step of every negotiation you'll ever be in. By the end of this module, you’ll understand what information you will need and how to discover what's missing to move the negotiation forward



The most important behavior we have is the ability to formulate and ask questions. 

By asking questions and letting the other party explain, the other party is creating a vision inside their own mind. 

This is what influences people. 

Questions are the most effective way to build vision for the other party, and with no vision there is no decision.



Communication is the key and you'll learn how to how to act, speak, and manage your emotionas and the other parties’ during negotiations.

You'll know the key behaviors and communication tools that will help you create an environment of mutual respect and safety.

By the end of this module, you’ll feel prepared and confident going into any meeting, with techniques that will empower you to ask the right questions, say “No” without offending, and handle tough topics with grace.



Reinforce your understanding and strengthen your ability to think in the moment using the strategies of the CAMP System.  

Through a case study, you'll navigate a real negotiation situation step-by-step and understand how they leveraged the Camp principles.

You'll learn how these situations played out to serve the needs of both sides in the negotiation.


Plus...receive these exclusive bonuses when you

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"Stop the Ghosting and Learn How to Write the Wake Up Call Email" 


In this video lesson, Todd and Dave share the secret to getting a response from someone who's "ghosted" you, with a single email. It takes confidence to do this - and it works.

This is the same method we've coached our clients to use hundreds of times to finally get an answer from customers. After being ghosted for 3 months, our client implemented this method, got a call back in minutes, then closed the deal in a week.

“Give Bad News, Earn More Trust”


No one wants to give bad news, but sometimes you have to.

Learn our proven method that can help you avoid the stress and anxiety of needing to deliver bad news.

Our natural tendency of holding onto it and delaying the conversation only brings more internal stress and drains the trust that your respected opponent has in you.

Instead of burning bridges, use this method to build trust and earn credibility. 





Transform your negotiations from start to finish with master negotiators Todd Camp and Dave DeSantis. Content includes:


  • Jump into the CAMP Advantage

  • Master the Mindset of the Professional Negotiator

  • Accelerate Effective Decision-Making

  • Supercharge Negotiation Success

  • Maximize Impact with Strategic Tools

  • Nail Down the Questions that Drive Decisions

  • Communicate with Confidence and Authority

  • Practice through an Intensive Case Study

You'll also receive all the guides, templates and checklists previously only available to coaching clients


Exclusive Bonuses to our Members:

  • "Stop the Ghosting and Learn How to Write the Wake Up Call Email" ($495 value) 

  • "Give Bad News, Earn More Trust" Script ($495 value)


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